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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Physical Abilities
Physical ability is defined as the ability to perform some physical act. It is generally determined through nutrition, exercise, and how much we rest. It permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment, of some activity.

Physical abilities can be classified into nine categories. Practical examples of those nine types of physical abilities are as follows:

Types of Physical Abilities
Dynamic Strength
The strength of a rickshaw puller is a nice example of dynamic strength. They use muscular force repeatedly and continuously for pulling the rickshaw.
Trunk Strength
Trunk strength is used for lifting heavy load (i.e. a sack of 1000 kg rice).
Static Strength
Static strength is to exert force on an object that we cannot move, the muscles stay the same length and it is useful for things like arm wrestling.
Explosive Strength
People may use his explosive strength while breaking any door of a house, if required.
Extent Flexibility
People use extent flexibility while lifting any object from ground to a higher place, which is above of his head.
Dynamic Flexibility
People use dynamic flexibility while cycling.
Body Coordination
Swimming is a good example of Body Coordination.
We can also see balancing ability while cycling. 
For a long duration and hard working game (i.e. football, marathon, long distance swimming, etc.) stamina is absolutely necessary.

1 comment:

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